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Provision what you need for your school such as licensing, OneNote Class Notebooks and School Data Sync

Everything you need to know about Provisio365 and what it can do for you.



We all want to be able to get more out of Office 365 Education. You can do this with a single click with the Provisio365 Cloud Engine.

We've heard from many of our customers that they want to do more with Office 365 Education and also help to control things better without having to learn code to deliver a better platform for the school or college. At BFC Networks we have taken all our knowledge of the platform to give you a single click experience to deliver you a better education solution in Office 365 Education.

Provisio365 is our new cloud based engine that will deliver the changes you want to your platform including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, School Data Sync and Office 365 services. Whether you want to prevent students from emailing externally, turn certain licenses off for faculty/students or build a shared drives solution, you can do it with just a single click.

BFC Networks were founded in 2007 and with our knowledge and experience of working with Office 365 we want to put more of our hidden skills into your hands to get more out of the education cloud platform allows you to do more and improve what you offer within your school.

We have also added MIS integration (using GroupCall XoD) to provide you with more features such as School Data Sync, provisioning of Office 365 Groups based on timetables and OneNote Class Notebooks. These are proving to be very popular with our customers who can save a lot of time and administrator within their IT and teaching staff.

Make sure you check out the BFC Blog to hear the latest templates that you can use, including those that customers have requested to be made available in Provisio365.

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Get Minecraft Education Edition for free

As part of every purchases of Provisio365 we are offering you a free set of licenses to use across your tenant for the whole year. Assign them to teachers for CPD, to students as part of an after school club or use them in lessons.

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Free Teacher CPD with Provisio365

Tablet Academy are a leading Technology CPD Training Provider.

We are delighted to be able to partner with Tablet Academy to deliver CPD training to your teachers at your school. With every purchase of Provisio365 you can select one of their half day training courses including Office 365, OneNote Class Notebook and Windows 10.

Learn more about Tablet Academy at their website

Allow schools to make changes to the tenant without global admin rights and effecting other schools

Provisio365 is our Azure based Cloud platform with MIS integration to provision classes

Select what type of MIS provisioning you want

Provisio365 and MIS integration can with School Data Sync for Microsoft Teams but instead you could select just OneNote Class Notebooks, Office 365 Groups or both of these in one.

Customers have told us they want all their OneNote Class Notebooks created for them, without it hassling the teacher. We have done this in a few different ways including a central SharePoint site with a simple navigation to access your notebooks but also provisioning Office 365 Groups with the Class Notebook.

After you have selected the template we will run it nightly to ensure all Groups and Class Notebooks are kept up to data and if you have selected School Data Sync, we'll email you the CSV file to upload.

We are working on provisioning timetable information into other parts of Office 365 Education, so let us know what else you would like to see.

OneNote Class Notebooks

Provision Onenote Class Notebooks according to best practise and in a central place for you to navigate and access from a single location.

School Data Sync

When it comes to Microsoft Teams Edu and provisioning the best way to do this is with School Data Sync, we are integrated with this too.

Manage Licenses

Decide to turn off certain features in Office 365 and reduce the number of applications in the app launcher.

Timetables in Calendars

Coming soon.....

Make savings with Office 365 Education by moving your storage to the cloud

Provisio365 can make it simple to provision new departments areas and set permissions. All you have to do is give it a name, select the permissions you want and we'll do the rest.

Schools have saved over £10,000 in SAN storage and back up with BFC Networks allowing teachers and students to access their files from home or where ever they are in the world.

Exchange Online templates allows you to customise your email experience for staff and students.

Control how student emails work in the cloud

Learning and accessing the Exchange Control Panel to make a lot of these changes can be challenging and then configuring them correctly so only the right people can see them, makes it even more challenging when you have got to think about Global Address Lists, external contact sharing or PowerShell, so we have designed a set of templates to suit your requirements.

We are always seeking new idea of Exchange rules, as a valued customer of ours we are keen to ensure we can meet your need so tell us your requirement around monitoring of emails or other rules you would like in Provisio365 and we will get them added.

Email Rules

Decide if students should be able to email externally and receive a blind copy every time they do and turn it on and off easily

Address Lists

Set your preferred address list for students and staff with an All Staff and All Student list but choice who can see which

Create Contact and Distribution Lists

Create and manage Distributions Lists you want for after school clubs, departments and students

Email Disclaimer

Add an email disclaimer to all emails sent outside of your organisation for faculty and students

Provision all OneNote Class Notebooks
With MIS integration and OneNote Class Notebook, Provisio365 creates and manages the notebook, teachers and students so all you have to do is teach. If you want them centrally or in Office 365 Groups, just select your preferred method.

Office 365 Groups allow you to communicate and collaboration and Office 365 Video does too

Create, manage and use Office 365 better

Microsoft are always adding new features that use all the different elements of Office 365 and Azure ranging from Office 365 Groups for communication and collaboration, Microsoft Teams for chat, Video, Stream, Sway, the list continues but there are certain configuration settings that can help to ensure you get the best out of these.

When you start thinking about Global Address Lists, Academic year based Office 365 Groups and Video channels they need to configured to fit around each other so you can then see the current academic year. This is why when you create an Office 365 Group we add certain metadata around it so we can achieve work and make it easier for you the following year and make it user friendly.

Build my Office 365

You get Office 365 the same was a bank, insurance broker or corner shop so let us customise it to fit you better

Manage Office 365 Groups

Prevent students or all staff from creating Office 365 Groups

Create Office 365 Groups

When we create Office 365 Groups we also make other settings that need to be made such as location

Create Office 365 Video Channels

Create channels and upload videos for your Flip Learning and your lessons

Access all Student OneDrives
The SharePoint and OneDrive teams at Microsoft have given us masses amount of storage in the cloud but you may still need access to student drives. Provisio365 can do this for you.

SharePoint in Office 365 Education can give you over 2PB (petabytes) of data, so lets use it

Find out more about our custom solutions with SharePoint Online

SharePoint has been BFCs rock for its 10 year history so we hope that the templates we offer are perfect for your need.

Helping our customers to utilise cloud storage in the Office 365 has helped save them thousands of pounds in SAN storage and backup. Talk to us about helping to evaluate the kind of structure you need and migration tools to help move both your shared drives and person storage to OneDrive.

Shared Drives

Move your shared drives to our online storage solution and save cost on storage and back up.

OneDrive Config

Provision all student OneDrives and then give the teachers group permission to them so you can access them from this SharePoint list.


Want a plain SharePoint site where we do nothing but create it? Here it is...

BFC 365

Our very own portal service including a Staff, Pupils and Governors portal.

"BFC Networks has revolutionised the way we deal with our IT within education - they have some of the best educational tools around"
Kathryn Harris - Heath Mount School
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